Baby Carrier Cover

  • PERFECT DESIGN: Covers all baby carriers and fits strollers and car seats, can be applied to all baby carriers, baby strollers, and protect the baby from sunlight and wind
  • PERFECT SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS: Perfect is the best for babies from 3 to 72 months old, but can be used for older children as well toddler
  • Multiple Functions: It can be used as a baby's clothing jacket, windproof windbreaker, and can also be used as an accessory for a baby carrier to prevent wind, and can also be used as a cover for a stroller.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Can be hand washed with warm water or machine washed
  • The front pocket will keep your hands warm while you are hugging your baby
  • Material – cotton
  • Size

Length: 98cm  including hat, 72cm without the hat

Width: 50cm (shoulder)