Breastfeeding Cover


Breastfeeding cover which is perfect for outdoor feeding

  • Breathable 
  • 100% Cotton/Muslin 
  • Gives you privacy in public
  • Size 100cm/39.3" * 70cm/27.5"
  • Folds up very compactly to fit in a baby bag
  • Has a cover bag

These Nursing Covers have an open neckline that holds the cover away from mum and baby. This allows maintaining eye contact while breastfeeding on the go. The open neckline provides airflow and allows the mum to see that baby is happy and can eat and breath properly.

Secure and adjustable, giving you privacy and confidence while breastfeeding, wherever you are.


The difference between Muslin and Cotton:

  • Muslin breastfeeding covers are the lighter and more breathable
  • Сotton is denser and less transparent

If you're breastfeeding this should definitely be on your list. The best thing that you don't have to hold on to the cover to see your baby, you can see the baby's face and enjoy the moment.  

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